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  The Experience You Need  
Attorney Reuki Schutt practices in a wide range of law in the greater Boston Area. Her general law practice includes family law and probate matters. Additionally, Attorney Schutt has extensive experience with residential real estate transactions, contracts, estate planning and prenuptial and cohabitation agreements.

To speak to Attorney Schutt about any of these legal issues please contact her Canton, MA office at (781) 828-7660.
A Solid Reputation
Over the years, Attorney Schutt has built an impeccable reputation in the Massachusetts Court System. With years of experience, Attorney Schutt develops strong professional relationships with her clients so that she is able to effectively work with her clients, with knowledge of their unique needs and expectations. Attorney Schutt is able to navigate her clients, with professionalism and confidence, through the otherwise confusing court system.
Satisfied Clients
Clients come from across Massachusetts because they know Attorney Schutt provides them with the highest level of knowledge and experience necessary to get the results they need. Clients know that Attorney Schutt is compassionate, but at the same time skilled to zealously advocate for her clients.

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